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Our Journey

We started as a recruitment company “RPG Ventures” in 2013 headquartered in Navi Mumbai and dealing PAN India, providing manpower across sectors. With providing quality services at an affordable cost, we are now considered as one of the top recruitment companies in India. In 2015 end we became “Aviyana Ventures Pvt. Ltd.”. Thereby recruitment division was renamed as Aviyana HR Solutions.The company has various verticals as Healthcare, Media, Retail, ISO & Quality Certification, Financial Services, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Education & Business Networking.

The success journey continues with support of all well-wishers and business partners.


Company of choice for products and services we operate.


Understanding Client requirements and fulfilling them in the most efficient ways.

Our Mantras

We believe in Four mantras

  • Business is all about connections and nurturing and co-benefiting each other for win-win situation will result in long time business and profitability for each.
  • No business can perform without proper branding and minimum required manpower.
  • Time loss is business loss from customer and client point of view.
  • We believe for every entrepreneur accessing the financial plan and business outcome forecasted, branding and hiring requires a specialized focus and timelines for meeting the manpower requirement.

Thought Process

For Recruitment/Talent Acquisition/ HR Support Process

“No Organisation can run or be effective without minimum required manpower. Organisations feel that Multitasking through minimum manpower is rational and cost saving, but at times strains the employee when not being motivated or compensated adequately as per employees thought process, this then limits the organisation to expand because of limited human resources. Hence necessary manpower needs to be taken on board with financial planning and implementation.

At the outset recruitment requires tact in understanding the organisation, candidates profiles requirement, the JD’s and package range organization has in mind.

Most important fact, it is the time line which has to be kept in mind for fulfilling the manpower requirement in organisations. Organisations try to strive via job portals, internal referrals, headhunting, and newspaper advertisements etc. Some succeed and the rests have loss of business because of lack of human resource.

Recruitment through all sources involves a lot of time and requires a good follow-up from screening CV matching company’s requirement to aligning interview as per the comfort of prospective employee and employer till finally ensuring the joining.

Today’s HR’s being multi-tasked are so stressed at times that vital link i.e. follow-up of candidates in all process till final joining is at times lacking, by the time candidate scans other options and weighs and joins, so all effort done is wasted. Here comes the role of external HR Consultant who doesn’t have to multi-task as Induction, PMS, Personnel Management like organisation HR’s do, thus a focused aspect to ensure right candidate scanning to aligning for interview and final joining is done in schematic way by external HR Consultant. This is a win-win situation for a company to get manpower at right time; hence HR’s largely can do all roles effectively and help company grow.

Thus recruitment being a big responsibility itself needs a focused approach and role of external HR Consultants can never be omitted. Company’s at time calculate the cost of such services, but when comparing the time constraint and manpower requirement versus growth, consultant hiring becomes the most effective tool”.

HR Support process from Payroll, third party, contract staffing makes organisations stress free by focusing on core strength's of business strategy and implementation without having to worry as such functions outsourced are handled by experts.

For Training & Development

Post recruiting people the training of manpower and keeping them motivating is equally important for long term success and sustainability of the organisation. Getting this as outsourced function saves cost and is effective largely.

For Business Coaching

Stress and lack of direction is a common problem with employees and employer a business coach helps you set right goals, focus on them and achieve them in a time bound manner. Most times immediate superiors act as business coach, but again an external business coach an be more beneficial both for employees and the management.

Background Verification

The use of background checks is on the rise in many companies across the country because they can save organizations money and time by ensuring they don’t hire the wrong people. As outsourced partners Aviyana HR Solutions believes background verification as most important area while hiring employees, as people can make or break organisations. Right employees can give legacy and value for long term sustainability and wrong employees can cause financial and reputation damage to an organisation. Our various services at an affordable cost to all small and big organisations shall help organisations in realising their full potential business with right people and thus right policy implementation and image management inside and outside the organisational environment.