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Talent Acquisition


For Recruitment/Talent Acquisition the tracker shall be mailed of profiles for shortlisting by the company. Detailed resumes shall be send accordingly and thereby aligning interview with comfort of both candidate and the company respecting timelines for recruitment.

We majorly work through Headhunting & Database along with Portals and campus drives.

Aviyana HR Solutions Financial Terms-Recruitment/Talent Acquisition/ HR Support Process

We recruit at all levels as follows

  • Junior Management
  • Mid Management
  • Top Management

The consultancy payout per candidate as per clients considerations can be discussed and finalized.

Above calculation is on CTC and the replacement is within 45-90 days as required.

The payment from date of joining has to be in 15-30 days

With a confirmation of joining of the referred candidate, we expect from the company’s HR department a detail of salary break-up, as per appointment letter of the referred candidate received in a mail to our consultancy

Invoice shall be submitted in a week of candidates joining post receiving the appointment letter in mail from the company.

All back office and support services manpower requirements can be provided across sectors.

For Healthcare we provide Dr’s, Nursing and hospital technical staff.

Besides we provide CA, CS and Corporate Consultants for part-time and full time roles.


We work with some of best international recruiters licensed by government in respective countries so that candidates are not victimised or face fraudulent contract jobs.

We help those agencies working in coordination with us to hire for skilled, unskilled and semiskilled jobs in various countries fromtime to time.

We guide the candidates on immigration, visa and living conditions with expected package and lifestyle for various job destinations abroad along with other health and general regulations criteria.

HR Outsourcing

For companies wishing to outsource HR and get professionals through us handle full HR process we provide a credible yet affordable alternative solutions and help companies focus on business with planning, inducting, training and doing talent management and personnel management for such organisations.

Payroll Processing

With ensuring labour laws and compliances this function is taken clear flawlessly at a miniscule cost that small to big organisations.

Temp / Contract Staffing

Organisations as they are in growth phase need people in large numbers and with compliances this function is complicating. We understand the need of such growing organisation and provide such temp/contract staff.

Background Verification

“Need to make sure your business is protected, verify a candidate's history, and keep your workplace safe and secure”

Background verification typically include past employment verification, credit history, and criminal history. These checks are often used by employers as a means of judging a job candidate's past mistakes, character, and fitness, and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.

While hiring company’s at times in a hurry or lack of resources and time forget the most important area of back ground verification. Now a days most hired employees are exaggerating their CV’s with wrong information on academics, experience, address of communication, awards & rewards. Such employees whose integrity is an issue can cause from miniscule to serious damages to the company and company reputation at times can be at stake.

Background Verification has also become vital for the safety of the existing employees and for development of an integrated workforce. Such comfort level can be achieved only by reassuring the reliability of each employee chosen by the organization. This thereby helps in reducing the risks involved in industry-wide hiring process.

The acts of financial liability for acts and misconduct of its employees is becoming one of the most significant areas of exposure for organizations. Organizations are utilizing background screening as a risk-management tool to limit their liability present or in future.

In today’s corporate environment, the increased cases of resume frauds and identity crimes, it becomes all the more necessary to put in effect a reliable screening process, as it is hard to tell the difference between a resume and a one-page fiction content. As well it is seemingly difficult to access an employee behaviour or past credentials in few minutes of the interview and shortlisting process. However, the whole process of going through every claim and credential of each applicant can be tedious process.Thus the known fact that the function of background verification is not easy and not all companies can afford or do this efficiently as today HR department is burdened by their responsibilities.Hence this important areas of back-ground verification goes unattended. Outsourcing this function thus becomes the need of the hour.

Background checks can include an array of personal information about job applicants, such as:

  • County criminal history
  • Verification of address
  • Known sexual offender
  • Employment history verification
  • Driving history
  • Education history and degrees
  • Health fraud and abuse
  • Reference verification
  • Drug testing
  • County civil history
  • Federal criminal history
  • Federal civil history
  • Professional license verification
  • Social media screening
  • Credit checks

Our email id’s for such service is



Labour Law / HR Compliance

Changing regulations from time to time the consultants at Aviyana HR Solutions are equipped to handle this function efficiently. We provide complete guidance and timely solutions in managing human resource efficiently.


We help conduct HR Systems/process Implementation with audits at intervals to ensure smooth functioning of HR for an organisation.

Tax Management

Experts at Aviyana HR Solutions help organisations manage the Tax Compliances along with the expert of CA and CS.

Training & Development

Trainings of manpower at intervals works magics for organisations as this along with giving required skill motivates the people with thought that organisation cares for them.

For Training requirements to be identified or calendarized within the organisation we shall help them identify and design the training program that shall be customised as per the need of the organisation.

We conduct both short term and long duration trainings at client venue or at outside venue suggested by client.

We work with SME/MSME’s to established companies and try to ensure their training requirements are within their budgetary limit with achieving the desired outcomes.

A bouquet of trainings we conduct PAN India that can help organisations achieve their desired results. Some of our preferred trainings

  1. Understanding your organisation & Self
  2. Work life Balance
  3. Defining human resources need and roles
  4. areer planning for an employee at work by employee and organisation
  5. Stress Management
  6. Increasing Productivity at work
  7. Office Politics at work and how to covert to advantage.
  8. Social Networking and how to use to your and organisation's advantage.
  9. Email etiquette and communication styles
  10. How to ensure effective lead and sales conversion.
  11. Management Style for team effectiveness.
  12. Talent Acquisition Challenges and how to overcome them.
  13. Effective Talent Retention Strategies.
  14. Effective Talent Development Strategies

Business Coach

Business Coach required for helping you take business decisions wisely can be a big motivation towards success. We provide business Coaches those shall mentor you, motivate you to take strong business decisions for success.

Some of signature business Coaching Programs

  • Set and achieve business Goals faster- Steps to powerful focussing and execution mastery
  • How to combat fear & anxiety in the war of business - Your ability to take control on your fear and anxiety defines your scale of leadership success.
  • Taking business out of troubles – Monetary and manpower challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Be unstoppable in every sphere of life – Wealth, Personal Happiness and Societal Happiness.
  • Sale more & more –master the art of influence.

Besides all-round the year support for issues to be handled in business and life to make it effective and fulfilling personnel and professional journey.

Some of our eminent Business Coaches

Dr. Jayanta Chakravorty

Dr. Jayanta Chakravorty is a versatile professional successful in his corporate journey spanning over 2 decades as aExecutive Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Coaching, Business Coach, Speaker, Consultant, NLP Master & Author. He is PhD in Psychology ,MBA & Master in NLP & Hypnosis.

He has done Retail Management from IIM Lucknow & alumina of ISB. Learned Leadership Development from Dale Carnegie Institute of Leadership. He quest for excellence lead him to learn the science of Peak performance from the International Gurus like Dr Deepak Chopra ,Brian Tracy ,Jack Canfield ,Robert Kiosaky, T HarvEker& many other. He learned spiritual science from many spiritual masters.

A "Growth Accelerator"- Leading Specialist in Business leadership Coaching known for developing innovative strategy To maximize transformational Personal leadership growth in the field of entrepreneurial achievements, Sports, Building Dynamic educational & Administrative enterprises & Business Success.

As speaker he shared his views with leading personalities including Ex President of India. Addressed in leading Award Functions for National Business development & Start up initiatives ,Educational Institutes, Govt administrations, social change makers & Spiritual Institutes.

Conducted workshops & training across the country & his seminar is attended by eminent International personalities right from Industrialist, Film star, sports person & UNESCO representatives ,Students ,Medium & small scale Industry peoples.

A highly regarded & appreciated ICF certified Coach for deep impact in Personal & organizational transformation & result.

An Humble learner in journey of Life –he created a deep & lasting impact in his optimal life seminars.

Mr. Rajesh Gohar

Motivational trainer & career counselor.

Former Regional Head - Sales at Yes Bank.

Master Trainer for Maharashtra Police. Conducted workshops & training across Maharashtra.

Mentoring lot of start-ups, SME’s and MSME’s as business Coach.

Mr SD Jitendra

With more than two decades of successful track record with the industry.

His last assignment was as Training Head for Dr Reddy’s lab.

Has successfully mentored many business leaders for SME’s, MSME’s.

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